Lesnaya Zaimka restaurant complex

Traditions of a generous table!

Ресторанный комплекс «Лесная заимка»

The log tower at Lesnaya Zaimka towers over the entry into Vladivostok. The restaurant is famous for its unique Russian and hunting cuisine, traditions developed here since 1974. The institution is justifiably proud of its past significance, but also of its excellent current-day developments: After a complete renovation and reopening in 2015, the updated Lesnaya Zaimka has become a major attraction of modern city life. It is a meeting place for influential and famous people, a mecca for foodies, a theater of dramatic events, and a mandatory destination on the tourist route.

A Master's Approach

The principle is simple: Do everything to the level you consider worthy.

Артур Аветикович Манукян

Artur Manukyan


A man should live his life such that he is remembered well. So, the revival of such a unique place as the Lesnaya Zaimka restaurant complex was for me a life's work.

I came to Vladivostok to serve in the army. Finished my service, fell in love, got married and stayed here. This city has become my second home.

I became the owner of Lesnaya Zaimka in 1999. I have always been fascinated by the special atmosphere and hunting menu of the restaurant, and I promised myself to preserve and enhance the traditions established here.

The kitchen continues to delight the restaurant's guests, but the building, which I inherited, had problems: weak logs that had rotted in the wet coastal climate. In 1974 restaurant was built at an accelerated pace for the arrival of Presidents Ford and Brezhnev; at that time everyone was worried about deadlines, and no one particularly cared about the quality of the wood. In 2012 my resolve to rebuild finally matured, and over the past two years we have done a complete renovation. I personally worked with the architect, supervised the delivery of materials and the work of the builders; I can describe every corner of the new building from memory.

When we disassembled the old building and began to rebuild, I answered numerous questions, such as here in place of Lesnaya Zaimka I will build... Lesnaya Zaimka. Many people did not understand why I had to invest so much money and effort, if the company over my lifetime might recoup its investment. I did not bother to explain. One either understands or does not. But in 2015, when the mayor of Vladivostok first visited us after the reconstruction, he appreciated our efforts invested in the restoration of this historical site. And that was nice.

I am just as scrupulous in organizing the restaurant's kitchen. I require that the staff not simply strictly follow the recipes and plating service, but religiously revere them! We have a great responsibility to develop the best traditions of Russian hunting cuisine in the Far East. They say I am a strict boss, and this is true, because the responsibility is enormous. But I do not feel it as a burden, not at all. It is a mission, of which I am proud. I have a purpose each new day.

Sometimes we teach chefs of other restaurants. Competition? We are not afraid of it. The more institutions that work at our level, the better. We must teach people to create and appreciate real cuisine.

Guests always come to Lesnaya Zaimka with great expectations. And we are committed every minute to worthily meet these expectations, and not to conform to them, but to exceed them!

Honored guests

The restaurant is proud of its famous guests who appreciate Lesnaya Zaimka's cuisine and service..

Игорь Сергеевич Пушкарёв

Igor Sergeevich Pushkarev

Mayor of Vladivostok

Well-trained staff, beautiful decor and unique cuisine - these are three reasons why I appreciate this restaurant. Here, they know how to care for their guests.

Игорь Сергеевич Пушкарёв

Yefim Zvenyatsky

Artistic Director of the M. Gorkovo Theater, director, and People's Artist of Russia

Lesnaya Zaimka has always been, and continues to be, the pride of the city. After its reconstruction the building has taken on a new life, but the tradition of food and ghost stories have been preserved. It is a unique place.